5 Top Benefits of Having Dental Implants

Whether we like it or not, time will come when we will start to lose some of our teeth. When this happens, we would want to replace or restore them using the best means. We are thankful that we live near the Tempe Family Dentistry because we can easily find the best dentist in Tempe to help us with our oral health issues. He advises his patients to opt for a dental implant to restore their missing teeth.

A dental implant is performed by a specialist because it involves surgically placing a metal fixture on the jaw bone. The object will serve as the root of the artificial teeth that will replace the lost ones. An implant can be expensive, but it is beneficial. Here are the 5 top benefits of having dental implants from a Tempe dentist.

  1. They look and function like our real teeth. The porcelain crown of a dental implant makes it look like our natural teeth. We can use it to bite and chew hard foods. We do not have to adjust it often because it is permanent. When we talk, it remains steady and it does not produce a clicking sound. We will not hesitate to smile because we have a complete set of beautiful teeth.

  1. Implants are durable. They are expensive, but they can last a lifetime. We can enjoy our favorite foods without causing any damage to our teeth. Our implanted teeth will not break or crack when we eat tough or crunchy foods. We can enjoy munching on apples, chips, and roasted nuts and grains. Above all, we can indulge our cravings for sweet foods without getting cavities.

  1. They help retain bone structure. Missing teeth can cause our face to sag. The gap can cause the remaining teeth to move and become unstable. Replacing the teeth that you lost will restore the face to its normal shape. The remaining natural teeth will stay in place. In addition, the adjacent teeth will remain free from damage because the implants are not attached to them. Instead, they are latched on the jaw bone.

  1. They are easy to clean. Dental implants are just like our natural teeth. We can use a toothbrush to clean them. We do not have to remove them from our mouth; unlike dentures and bridges. As a result, we minimize the chances of losing or getting them destroyed.

  1. They give us self-confidence. Because a dental implant looks natural, we will not hesitate to smile. We can talk or sing without thinking about our teeth falling out of our mouth. We will look younger than our age because we have full cheeks instead of sagging ones.

There are Tempe dentists who can help us find specialists that perform dental implants. The Tempe Family Dentistry offers this kind of service at an affordable price. Why should we suffer from the insecurity and inconvenience that are caused by our missing teeth?

Let us make the right choice by opting for a dental implant for our teeth restoration.

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