7 Ways to Clear Bad Energy from Your Meditation Space

Negative energy prevents people from maximizing their potential. It can affect mood and how we feel about daily events in life. If you find yourself unable to evoke your normal happiness during the day while at home, school or work then chances are that you are most likely being affected by negative energy. Fortunately, there are many effective tools and techniques that are highly effective in clearing negative energy.

The most important step in preventing negative energy is by being able to recognize and identify when negative energy takes over your body. After identifying you’ll then have to learn how to clear it effectively. Negative energy can take away your happiness and stay on your way preventing you from achieving certain things in life. Anyone can be affected by negative energy and let’s just be precise-no one is immune to negative energy. Whether you are a professional, amateur or experienced person in life negative energy can still affect you. So it is very important to clear negative energy from your life and live a better life full of potential and happiness.

How to find out negative energy within you

Certain things happen to us and our moods get affected all over sudden. Negative energy can manifest itself in our bodies in different ways. You can sometimes feel low and unable to reach your potential or you may also feel like you’re being affected negatively by people around you. These are some of the signs and symptoms of negative energy. Once you start feeling like everything in your life is not going the way it should then the best thing to do is to find ways of getting rid of such feelings.

Here is a quiz that can be helpful when gauging whether negative energy has taken over you.

  • Do you like complaining all the time?
  • Do you always find yourself basing your discussions on wrong things rather than right things?
  • Do you always criticize people and situations in a negative way?
  • Do you get more involved and interested in disastrous things rather than constructive things?
  • Do you always feel that most of your results are beyond your control?
  • Do you always feel inferior and feel like you are being victimized by situations and people?
  • Do you feel like things that should not be happening to you are actually affecting you currently?

In most cases, these are the signs showing that you have negative energy.

How to clear negative energy

1. Burning Sage or incense

Burning sage and smudging is an effective way to clear negative energy at home and your place of work. Sage is historically known as a way to bring good luck and preventing bad omen in ceremonies and dwelling places.

2. Use singing bowl for sound therapy

Negative energy in our living spaces can be cleared by regularly playing singing bowls when doing yoga or meditating. Singing bowls are used in many ceremonies in some Asian communities for religious purposes. According to Buddhists, it is important to play these bowls before and after meditations. By playing the bowls silently the sound produced puts you in a meditative mood which then works to clear negative energy within you and within the room. Another alternative if you don’t have these singing bowls is by use of drums.

3. Meditating with mala beads and chanting Mantras

When you feel like things are not going your way or there is some energy preventing you from doing certain things in life just get your mala beads and start chanting Sanskrit mantras quietly in your meditation room. This is very helpful in rejuvenating your energy and clearing negative energy from your life. Mala mantras are very useful when getting rid of things that are weighing you down. Mala beads that have been purified can be very powerful in healing the mind and clearing unwanted energy from the body. These beads are used as Buddhist prayer beads whenever there is need to prevent negative energy from taking over the atmosphere around them.

4. Add houseplants in your room

 In order to keep energy clear in your office or home, you should add houseplants somewhere near the window where there is enough bright light. You can use small bouquets in your home. Some of the most effective plants that are effective in clearing negative energies include white sage, lavender, and eucalyptus.

5. Sprinkling salt water on the edges of the room

Salt is a very powerful agent in clearing negative energy from our office and living places. Salt also prevents any negative energy from invading your home. Any salt can be used but Himalayan salt Rocks have been found to be very effective at this.

6. Open your windows to allow bright light and fresh air in

Open window wide and let fresh air in to allow negative energy to escape. You can use a broom or your hands to usher negative energy out of your room. Try to imagine seeing the energy escape and get refreshed.

7. Sprinkling holy water in your room

Do you know that sprinkling Holy water in your home can effectively dispel negative energy? This method works very well and has been found to be one of the best ways of clearing negative energy from home.

These are some of the best ways to clear negative energy from our places of work and at home. Depending on how you want it, you can use all of them and see how happy and energized you will become.

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