Addiction Treatment Maryland Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland shares both the Atlantic Ocean to its east and the Chesapeake Bay to its west. The Eastern Shore region is shared by two states; both Virginia to the South and Maryland to its north. It has nine counties. The highest population is found in Salisbury, a city in Wicomico County. The major economic activities are the fishing and Agricultural industry.

Drug Addiction in Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Maryland’s Eastern Shore has been hit by the drug and substance abuse epidemic. According to Maryland’s Department of Health annual reports, overdose rates have more than tripled from 2011-2017.

The use of opioids is not limited to the city. Opioid deaths have been on the rise over the years.   In the year 2016, 40 fatal drug overdoses on the Eastern Shore were reported according to a state report. Thirty-one were in Accomack with 25 being attributed to opioid, four were blamed on heroin, and three were blamed on cocaine. Another four Accomack deaths, three of which occurred in 2016, were attributed to the drug fentanyl, which is often blended with the heroin by the dealers.

These statistics show that the drug addiction problem is real in the region. The good news is that there are options available to help treat drug addiction.

You need medical support to help you throughout the withdrawal process. It might take you seven to fourteen days if you opt to go for the drug based solution. If you can afford in-house treatment, all the better.

You need someone to encourage, care and support you during this time since your body and brain are detoxing. Without a proper detox, your recovery is a little more complicated.

There are many who have gone cold turkey and survived but it can have huge psychological and physical effects.

Some of the resources that you will get include:

1. Alcoholics Anonymous

AA. The primary purpose is to on Alcoholics Anonymous. The primary purpose of Mid-Shore Intergroup is to provide help those who are still suffering.

The Intergroup does the following among others:

  • Distribute up-to-date lists of Alcoholic anonymous meetings
  • Also links the local members and Alcoholic anonymous services.

2. Narcotics Anonymous

NA. NA is a nonprofit fellowship of drug-addicted men and women. It comprises recovering addicts. They usually meet on a regular basis to help each other abstain. You only require to have the desire to stop using narcotics.

There are no signup fees, pledges to sign, or promises to make to anyone. You are free to join the meeting regardless of your age, race, gender, or religion.

3. Al-anon meeting –

At al-anon, their main mission is to have an alcohol free family. If your family has a person addicted to drinking alcohol, then the entire family is highly affected.

Alcoholism affects all those around the alcoholic, their family and their marriage suffer also.

4. Maryland Addiction Recovery Centre –

You will get a solution for yourself and your loved ones. Be assured of getting support in a recovery community before and after treatment.

Changing your environment can be the most effective way of aiding recovery.


The journey to recovery is difficult.  Once you have accepted to go through it, you will realize that it is the best thing that you ever chose. Never easy, but so rewarding.

Get your life back.

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