A migraine is a topic of concern and every 10 individual is at the risk of having a migraine, you would be amazed to know that every single person will face some kind of migraine symptoms in his or her life.

Let us know what is a migraine?

A migraine is a disease in which patients feel pain in the head and face area followed by a headache and people become sensitive towards sound, light, and smell.

A migraine can be normal and can be cured easily but if having acute pain and you are facing sensory changes or the headaches are lasting more than 8 hours it’s a serious problem to be concerned of, you can go for ayurvedic treatment of a migraine and can visit best Ayurvedic hospitals in India.

For treating or preventing migraines one should know that why a migraine happens and what are its causes.

1. Changes in brain chemicals

When there are changes in brain chemicals due to stress or other hormonal problems a nerve called trigeminal which operates your nose and eyes release neurotransmitters that go into the brain and cause pain.

2. Stress

Stress is a big reason behind headaches of most of the people around the world and can also trigger a migraine, stress is a response by which we feel pain or tensed feeling in our body so to know that something is wrong, a task needs to be done or a deadline which is normal but over time we forget to give rest to our mind and body resulting in too much stress hormones which create disturbance in the brain chemicals resulting in migraine-related problems.

3. Certain Foods

Certain foods and food-related allergies can also trigger migraines. People facing migraine symptoms should avoid cheese, processed items, salty food and certain additives like aspartame, msg all trigger migraine symptoms.

4. Sleep

Sleep pattern also is a big reason that causes a migraine because it increases the serotonin levels which trigger a migraine heavily, sleeping for too long or not sleeping enough creates fog and generates less happy hormones creating stress and migraine-related issues.

5. Exertion

Too much exercise or physical exertion including sexual activity provoke a migraine and you avoid giving too much physical burden.

6. Genetics

Genes also play a crucial role that how your body reacts with hormonal and certain environmental changes which interact with trigeminal nerve (the nerve responsible for migraines)

7. Gender

Women are more likely to develop a migraine because of their female hormone estrogen, fluctuations in estrogen level can also trigger a migraine and that is the reason that there are more women migraine patients than men.

Things to follow and avoid to prevent a migraine

The first thing that needs to be avoided is smoking, it is estimated that smokers are at a higher risk of having an acute migraine and not only migraine they are also at a higher risk of developing cancer. Ayurvedic treatment for a migraine is best as it has no side effects and a wide number of patients have been treated in the best Ayurvedic hospitals.

Bad food habits

It’s not rocket science that eating healthy will keep you strong and going, what you eat is what you are.

Healthy greens, good fats, and whole foods are very good for your brain too because healthy foods are easier to digest and do not trigger any stress response to your body and also helps in giving proper nutrition for your nerves, brain, and everything, foods that you need to avoid are processed foods, additives, preservatives, and high caffeine foods.


Running or any other activity which involves body movements is best for preventing migraines as it releases important hormones which are good for our body and also reduces stress.

Exercise not only helps in reducing stress but also increase blood circulation in the brain and other organs of the body supplying proper oxygen, nutrients that prevent a migraine at its best.


Yoga is known for its power to heal the body, yoga can help a lot in treating migraines from the root and has helped millions of patients around the world curing them.


It is said that people facing migraine are sensitive to light but studies reveal that going in sunlight and absorbing sun rays is very good for a migraine and symptoms can lessen within weeks, moreover people who regularly go in sunlight and absorb sun rays at lower risk on headaches and will less likely to develop a migraine.


Getting enough rest is really important for your brain and body and one should always give time to him or herself every day, getting rest and sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day is compulsory for our bodies to work at optimum level.

You can also practice meditation for migraines as it helps in clearing that brain fog and also helps in relaxing those nerves responsible for a migraine and heavy headaches. Meditation helps our body in various ways as it also cleanses the aura of the body and also helps in releasing those toxins.

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