Belotero Hydro Dermal Filler

Belotero™ Hydro is the new dermal filler on the block which offers diverse benefits for the skin. As ‘Hydro’ suggests, it works as the skin’s hydration bank. During summer, flakiness and dryness of the skin are encountered by a lot of people. Belotero™ Hydro is the best choice if you want to combat these skin problems. The deep-rooted action of this dermal filler works best in cutaneous regions around the:

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Décolletage

Your days of lamenting about uneven, dry, and oily skin are over.

The first stage of the dehydration of skin is the onset of wrinkles. Wrinkles are superficial lines that require some form of filling and hydration. Belotero™ Hydro contains hyaluronic acid (HA). This natural acid is solely responsible for restoring moisture and hydration to deficient areas.

The method of administering Belotero™ Hydro is non-invasive. By injecting the gel with a fine needle into the skin, the skin experiences an almost-immediate rejuvenation.


  • Hyaluronic Acid – 18mg/mL
  • Arguille – 30G

Recommended length of treatmentMedical experts recommends one treatment every ten days. It means three treatments every month. This big gap allows stabilization of the dehydration process in the skin. However, it is important that maintenance is done twice a year, depending on the needs of your skin.

Possible side effects – Because of the needle prick, common side effects may be:

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Itchiness, and
  • Pain

Belotero™ Hydro is born out of the Belotero™ Family, a class of dermal fillers which restore natural and refreshed look in aging skins. Do you think your skin is degenerating and seeks immediate care? Look no further. The Belotero™family boasts of a line of products with the ideal remedy for various problems plaguing the cutaneous system. Depending on your skin type, Belotero™ Hydro can be used with or without the other products. Thus, you can make different combinations to proffer aesthetic solutions to your skin.


Stretching deep nasolabial folds

Over time, the nasolabial folds (the lines between the nose and mouth) tend to be more pronounced. The mode of operation of this filler is to smoothen out these superficial lines to a more natural and even look.

Refreshing facial contours and dealing with wrinkles

An aged expression is birthed by more than one fold on the skin. To get an overall look, Belotero™ combination treatment can be adopted. This will aid the reduction of wrinkles, refreshing the contours, and give the lips more definition.

Made of HA, Belotero™ products are the best skin moisturizers. Belotero™’s product range specifically penetrates the subcutaneous layer to give skin which is smooth and naturally appealing. Be sure that you won’t have to worry about lumps or bumps afterward.

Dehydration of skin

It is important to maintain the hydration levels in the dermis. Glowing and moist skin is best kept healthy and beautiful by dedicated hydration.

Belotero™ Hydro offers the best treatments which keep your skin moisturized and hydrated from the subcutaneous layer to the epidermal layer. How best to maintain an elastic and firm skin texture if not the Belotero™ way.

Beloetero Hydro is what your skin needs to combat hydration. The basic composition of Belotero Hydro is the hyaluronic acid fillers which are soft, basic, and intense. If your skin is dehydrated, rough, wrinkled, and sagging, this product is meant for you. The addition of lidocaine provides additional comfort and convenience for the skin.

Perfect Solution for Anti-Aging

Sagging and drooping are the first signs of a natural aging process. This makes the face look weary, aged, and unpleasant. The hydration formula ensures that volume is restored to the skin. Belotero Hydro derma filler makes you look younger than your age. It curbs the early signs of the aging process by introducing hyaluronic acid into the cutaneous system. The complexity in the stellar reaction of this product with the skin cells is that the balance of elasticity, cohesiveness, and plasticity are optimized; meeting the needs of the cutaneous layer.

The first product in the Belotero™ line is Belotero™ Hydro. Designed for rehydration purposes, it combines hyaluronic acid with glycerol. This product works best in the restoration of radiance and elasticity in the skin. For optimum results, Belotero™ Hydro works best when combined with other products below:

  • Belotero™ Soft – Its excellent cohesiveness ensures that fine lines on the skin are optimally corrected and smoothened.
  • Belotero™ Balance – This is formulated to correct superficial lines and wrinkles by integrating seamlessly into the skin.
  • Belotero™ Intense – This works best for augmentation of the lips. The deep lines are filled with the balance of elasticity which is perfect for skin support.
  • Belotero™ Volume – The malleability and volumizing capacity of this product help in the restoration of facial volumes.

How to Administer

However, the method of application is by injecting the gel through a tiny needle. This non-invasive method reduces pain and blemishes that may be made by surgical processes.

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