Benefits Of Waterpik Flosser For Dental  Implants

What are dental implants?

Have you just had your tooth pulled out and therefore feel overly aware of your missing tooth when you smile, laugh or talk to people? Not to worry, the advancement in teeth procedure through dental implants has made it possible for you to feel confident again.

A dental implant is an artificial means of fixing crowns (that is artificial tooth) into your jaw. Think of it as a metal anchor just like screws drilled into your jaw and acting as a bone support to orthodontic works (braces, bridges and dentures). They are pretty safe procedures and easily bond with the bones around your jaw; even more, make your new artificial tooth look and feel natural to you.

How long can dental implants last?

Studies have shown that once the procedure is appropriately done and then the implants integrate seamlessly into your tissues, then it can have over 5 years survival rates while prosthetic teeth can live up to 10-15 years without issues.

However, it may be impossible to achieve that length of years with your dental implants if you do not imbibe a healthy oral routine. Complications such as sore, bleeding and swelling of the gums may arise after the dental implant, the common being peri-implantitis. And then infections and gum disease (periodontal) may occur and spread to other healthy teeth during the period needed for the implant to fit well with your gums.

Consequently, you need to regularly clean your implant in addition to regular dental visit; and to do that you need the right type of dental products one of which is Waterpik.

What Is Waterpik?

Waterpik is oral irrigator which uses a stream of high pressure pulsating water to clean around teeth removing plaques and food debris easily. It is another means of flossing the teeth that is scientifically proven to be much more effective than interdental brushes or stringed floss.

Why Waterpik Is The Best For Dental Implants

A very important function of Waterpik flosser is that it provides easier cleaning for braces and dental implants. Unlike other teeth cleaning device, Waterpik releases pulsating water that ensures deep, comfortable and effective cleaning without obstruction.

Not forgetting to add that Waterpik has different tips (Plaque seeker, Pik pocket etc.) meant to cater for specific purposes. For example, the plaque seeker tip is recommended for cleaning dental implants because of its three thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around implants and other areas that are particularly vulnerable to plaque accumulation.

What are the benefits of Waterpik to dental implants?

Waterpik makes flossing easier and convenient

A healthy and more effective alternative to dental floss can be achieved through Waterpik oral flosser. You don’t have nurture the fear of getting sores from dental floss when not properly done; the pulsating water from Waterpik is harmless and also gently massages your gums.

It is a more effective means of removing plaque

Plaques are debris and food leftovers that congeal and form white-yellowish substances between your teeth. Using Waterpik with the appropriate tips ensures that every tartar around your dental implant is removed before they build up.

It helps with the treatment of gingivitis and periodontics

This is a disease that affects not only your dental implants but also your natural teeth; its severity can lead to Inflammation and infection of the gums that can cause the tissue to pull away from the teeth and form gum pockets. Using Waterpik ensures that the tip nozzle is directed in the pockets of the gum, nipping the problem before it escalates.

It ensure a more hygienic means of cleaning

With Waterpik, you can be sure of a consistent flow of fresh water to deep areas of the mouth. This is unlike dental floss which requires you keep pulling the used part of the string away in order not to run a risk of transferring germs from one part of the teeth to another.


Getting a dental implant may become overwhelming if healthy oral routine is not followed. Regular visits to the dentist, brushing for 2 minutes twice every day and regular flossing are the general oral routine. But using Waterpik gives you an edge.


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