Controversies About the Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are not considered by experts to be a smoking cessation technique, which is often confused by the general public. There is no scientific evidence that electronic cigarettes are totally less harmful than ordinary cigarettes. The claim that it only contains nicotine is not satisfactory as some of the refills contain other toxic substances from tobacco, even at low concentrations.

In most e-liquids, the main component is propylene glycol, followed by glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings, which give flavor and aroma.

The higher the nicotine level means the greater the throat sensation. It is also known by the vaper community as “throat hit” or “kick.”

In addition, it is important to note that nicotine volume is also related to your quenching of smoking urge. Ideally, you should try to get started in this world already buying 3 types of liquid: light, medium and regular. That done, you will understand in practice which nicotine level is right for you.

The e-liquids thus do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and any of the other substances commonly found in tobacco products. These liquids available at Vapeciga also have delicious flavors such as creamy chocolate mint ice cream. If you like a sweet after lunch, there is an option.

You might be wondering: where can I steam? Basically, you can vaporize almost everywhere (not a drug), but vaporizers are becoming increasingly legislated in the world.

Like nicotine replacement therapy (such as nicotine gum and nicotine patch), the cigarette user should gradually reduce the amount of nicotine he is taking. For then, in a short time of use, keep only the habit of vaporizing, not constant addiction. For this, Lost Vape Orion Q Vape Pod System is a great product with all-inclusive features. Thus, the user of electronic cigarettes can have absolute control of when he decides to stop, because, with 0mg of nicotine, the user is no longer addicted and can also quit the use of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the smoker usually uses the addiction as a shield to face everyday situations and with the electronic cigarette he continues to have this attitude, but in a less harmful and controlled way of the agent that keeps him addicted.

Although the effects of its use are not fully known in the scientific field, several studies have shown that this device has huge advantages over tobacco cigarettes, precisely because it has no tobacco or combustion and contains only nicotine.

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