Everything you should know about Vitamin B12

Vitamins are one of the vital parts of the diet and cobalamin is also one of them. Cobalamin is also known as vitamin B12. Basically, it is an important part of nutrition. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the proper development and proper functioning of blood cells, brain, nerves and different parts of the body. It is not possible to produce healthy red blood cells and DNA without enough source of vitamin B12. It clearly means that it is impossible to produce healthy red blood cells without vitamin B12.

Apart from it, not only it results in anemia but it also results in the improper functioning of the nerve cells and most of the times, damage to the nerve cells is irreversible. So, it can result in problems like psychosis, depression, dementia, memory loss, irritability, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, tingling and numbness in the hands as well as feet. Ideally, our body stores the vitamin B12 but with ageing, the stores keep on depleting. This is why it is suggested to have vitamin B12 from outer sources.

Vitamin B12 deficiency results in so many disorders, out of which, some are treatable while some are not. It does not mean that you can have the vitamin B12 in excess. In simple words, you should have the vitamin sources in good quantity. Vitamin B12 deficiency is something which is easy to treat. Yes, you can simply treat it with vitamin supplements. You find vitamin supplements from health food stores in the market.

If I ask you about the best vitamin B12 supplement, one of the most common answers will be vitamin B12 tablets or dairy products. But do you know, only a small part of the tablet remain absorbed within the body and rest part get excreted out of the body? Yes, it is true and this is the reason why the vitamin B12 tablets do not work for fulfilling the deficiency of the vitamin B12. So, we were in need of something which can directly deposit the vitamin B12 in the bloodstream and we have it too. B12 transdermal patches can directly deposit the vitamin content from the back of the ear to directly to the bloodstream.

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