Five Reasons Women Outlive Men

It is a fact that the average woman lives as much as five to ten years longer than the average man. Most of the people who are over one hundred years old and still living today are women.

Although this may not seem like a big difference, it is a curious one and may help us learn how to live longer in general. To understand why women live longer, I am going to explain five significant reasons below, from public health and to nature influences it. It may be an insightful read!

Gene Difference

Females are said to have two X chromosomes, while men have only one X and one Y chromosome. Various illnesses, for example, hemophilia, are substantially more typical among men.

Since men have just a single X chromosome, on the off chance that it is deficient, this may speed up the aging process.

Another genetic reason that spurs the difference is in mitochondrial mutations. Scientists studied changes in fruit flies and found that mutations in the rod-like cell bodies cause males to die early.

The male flies, like male human beings, only inherit mitochondrial genes from their mothers, while females will have two sets, one from the mother and one from the father.

If a mitochondrial mutation occurs, it will only harm the males but will have no effect on the females who will still have another normal mitochondrial gene.

Sex Hormones

Sex hormones play a significant role in the differences between male and female. For example, estrogen helps eliminate cholesterol, while testosterone increases the levels of low-density lipoproteins (the “bad cholesterol”).

Once more, this could have an impact on the risk of coronary illness. Likewise, women, for the most part, have a slower metabolism than men, and numerous studies of animals have related metabolism with longer life expectancy.

Behavioral Influences

Consider the behavior related factors that influence the numbers here. When men reach their teen years, they usually experience a boost in testosterone. This can lead to behavior changes that may be risky.

This period in a man’s life can extend into his early twenties. During that time, many young men may take some fatal risks. Also, there are some jobs that men do that may be deemed as risky.

Women, although there are always exceptions, often do not take the risks men often do. A cup of coffee with friends is more their style. This is perhaps why women tend to move into more supportive, lifestyle communities as they age whereas men often become isolated.

Women stay within these communities where they have friends and social activities during their retirement years.

The Effect of Menstruation on Longevity

A woman’s most natural life change, her menstrual cycle, may also have a hand in her ability to live longer. This causes an iron deficiency in women that may slow the aging of cells.

As a result, the cardiovascular disease tends to affect women later in life, so they are healthier for longer.

Men then again, will in general, experience the ill effects of the complications of these health problems earlier.

General Health Habits

Overall, men tend to smoke more and eat more high cholesterol food than women do. Although the statistics are always changing as more men adopt a healthier lifestyle, it has been an influence on gender for years.

In time, the scale may shift and that five or ten-year gap may close. However, for the time being, health habits are a determining factor.

Everyone, no matter what gender you are, should strive to lead a healthy life. By doing so, men and women can both live longer and enjoy more of their years as healthy, capable seniors.

Regardless of what nature or society dictates, by taking responsibility for health, you can influence your natural life span.

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