Lose Weight in a Matter of Weeks through High-Intensity Interval Training

Though it is no secret that physical activity is important for our well-being, very few get necessary dose of physical activity every day. A dedicated fitness routine is important to keep you healthy. Many complain that they don’t have enough time to work-out due to their demanding routine. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the answer to your woes.

HIIT is about short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest or low-intense exercise. If you are looking for HIIT Training Studio City CA to speed up your weight-loss goals, meet up with personal training specialists at Boutique Studio. Their customers pledge by their 6- week wellness weight-loss challenge.

What’s the buzz surrounding HIIT?


  • It is perfect for those with a busy schedule. 15 minutes of HIIT training thrice a week works better than jogging an hour every day of the week. There are workouts under 4 minutes that deliver proven results.
  • With HIIT it is possible to pump up your heart rate using NIL equipment which gives you the comfort of doing it anywhere – at your gym, home or anywhere.

Your key to a healthy heart:

HIIT differs from regular exercise routines because of the periods of heart-pounding intensity involved. This extreme training is bound to give extreme results and is associated with a healthier heart.

Aids weight loss sans muscle loss:

Usually when a person loses weight, so does their muscle mass. HIIT in conjunction with weight training preserves muscle mass. Enroll in one of the bootcamp class packages offered by Boutique Studio to see immediate results.

Increased metabolism:

Two minutes of HIIT exhibits higher metabolism than jogging or weight training. Higher metabolic rate delays the aging process.

Get maximum physical benefits by spending just minimal time on workouts. Start HIIT training and burn those stubborn fat and calories.

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