Review Of The Latest Portable Novo Pods For You To Try

Known for its amazing and compact pod system, these latest vape kits that the market has will surely win over millions of hearts. These Novo products are just the same size as a pocket lighter. So, it can easily fit right in your small jeans pockets. These items are actually marketed to be ultra-portable in nature and the description surely proves its worth. This product comes in so many vibrant colors, right from baby blue to pink and mostly made out of plastic and metal. The body has a snake-skin like pattern to it on both sides, which will offer that glazy look to it.

Learning about the pods now:

A vaping machine is of no use if there’s no pod within. These pods are primarily designed to hold around 2ml of e-liquid, and it will feature a coil inside. The nice thing about the pod has to be the mouthpiece, which has a narrow tip fitting comfortably in your mouth and won’t make you look funny! However, the body is opaque black in color, making it difficult to determine the level of e-liquid inside. Other pod systems will have slightly tinted pods to help you see how much juice is left. Once this change can be made, no one can beat the importance of these pods.

For refilling the pods:

These vaping items won’t have magnetic pods as they are press fit onto battery. You won’t get to hear any click sound while inserting the pods, so be very careful of pushing the pods all the way. For refilling the smok pods, you just have to pull the rubber cap off on side of the tank for revealing the filled pot. The filling hole is not large but rather decent. Even the perfect battery life of the pod makes it a great choice among masses.

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