Side Effects of Long-Term Office Work – Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

There are several misconceptions in the mind of the people for the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people believe that it occurs due to sharp or sudden twist, squeeze believes area or compression or some people also believes that carpel tunnel syndrome also occurs due to continuous and repetitive use of the hand or wrist in the same manner for long time. These problems most commonly occur in the office where the people work for too long without the supportive environment and supportive equipments.

A huge number of office going people are suffering from the carpel tunnel syndrome and the reason can be anyone among the above mentioned. The patients suffer from the pain and numbness in the hand and fingers. Sometimes this pain can be radiating and leads to pain in the lower back and the patient has to face several sleepless nights. The pain and numbness in the hand completely suggest that the person cannot use the hand until it gets completely treated. There are certain preventive measures, which can be followed by the person so as to avoid the carpel tunnel syndrome as prevention is always better than cure. Keep it in mind that the preventive measures do not means that person should not visit a doctor. A person should visit the doctor as soon as the person realise that he/she is having the numbness and pain in the wrist.

Setup the work environment

If the person knows that he/she has to sit in a position continuously for 2 hours then adjust the surroundings accordingly. Adjust the height of the chair or back of the chair according to the best position in which one can be productive and does not feel any pain.

Usage of good computer keyboards

Always try to have the ergonomic computer mouse and keyboards as it will definitely helps in avoiding the carpel tunnel syndrome because it most commonly occurs in the people who are working for long time on computers.

Stretch from time to time

This is very important because changing the position is very necessary. So always try to stretch or do some exercise from time to time so as to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.

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