Sunifiram As Anti Amnesic Drug: What You Need To Know

A person who is amnesic is someone who suffers from partial or total memory loss. This is a problem that has many causes such as a traumatic head injury, a type of cognitive or brain diseases, and several other factors. Some amnesic patients tend to find ways to recover their memories by looking at old photographs to trigger their memory. Others who tried by have found that their memories are truly lost find a way to live with their amnesia and make the best of the situation.

A Possible Anti-Amnesic Treatment

Sunifiram,314728-85-3 is known as a cognitive enhancing drug that is marketed to users to improve brain function, decrease depression symptoms, improve mental ability and focus, while also increasing a person’s sex drive. All these are marketing tactics that may or may not have some truth behind the claims.

However, researchers have found another use for 314728-85-3. When administered at the right doses, the drug can be used to prevent or sometimes even reverse amnesia in patients. Initial studies on mice have shown that their ability to learn is increased. When the dosage was increased, the subjects were able to recognize and see their partners faster compared to subjects who were not given the drug.

How Does It Work?

The drug, when given to the subjects results in a higher increase of acetylcholine release within the brain. This is the chemical that is responsible for transmitting brain signals to the parts that deal with learning and memory. When there is an increase of acetylcholine, the blocking of the signals is removed, therefore making it possible to collect memories from that part of the brain.

Another way this drug works for recovering memories and reversing the effects of amnesia is by stimulating the glutamate receptor. Due to the increased rate of the glutamate neurotransmitter that is being delivered between the brain’s nerve cells, restoring memory function that was once damaged becomes highly possible.

Possible Side Effects

314728-85-3 offers a lot of hope for people who are suffering from memory loss, but there is no denying that it is still classified as an experimental drug. With this warning, it is best to remember that it comes with possible side effects that can harm a person’s health and brain activity when the dosage is too high.

Long-term toxicity on humans has not yet been tested, but similarly, structured drugs show very low human toxicity which gives this drug a lot of potentials. Other possible side effects to keep in mind are:

Nausea and headaches



Excessive and unexplained sweating



Brain or mental fog

Only Use With Doctor’s Advice

The best way to ensure that the drug will not cause any harm to the user is to consult a doctor before experimenting. While these are technically safe for consumption, there are still limitations and precautions to remember. Memory loss is very traumatizing and hard to cope with, but going trying a solution that isn’t approved by your physician is not recommended.

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