The Prognosis for Mesothelioma Cancer Stage 4

When the cancer is already in its stage 4, it only means that the condition of the patient is in the terminal phase. Stage four mesothelioma cancer usually has a poor prognosis but there are a few patients who still manage to survive. What you need to keep in mind though is that once mesothelioma is already in stage four, the symptoms tend to get severe. As a matter of fact, there is also a possibility that some new symptoms may appear such as a feeling that you are really sick and tired, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath/trouble breathing, chest tightness, fever, night sweats, pain and discomfort, especially in the chest and abdominal area, coughing up of blood, severe weight loss, and accumulation of fluid in the chest and abdomen.

A mesothelioma cancer stage 4 has a poor prognosis. In fact, if the patient is already in stage four, he/she only has less than 12 months to live. However, if mesothelioma is diagnosed early, there is a possibility that the patient’s life expectancy will be longer. The prognosis of the patient also has something to do with the age, type of cell, the type of mesothelioma, and the overall health condition of the patient.

Generally speaking, the survival rate for mesothelioma stage 4 is poor. Of all people who have mesothelioma stage 4, only about 7{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} of them can live for five years. On the positive note, healthcare practitioners and medical researchers are coming up with new treatments to treat mesothelioma. This will not only benefit the patient in the early stage but as well as the patient in the terminal phase of their illness. It is important to be wary of the symptoms and that if you feel something is wrong in your body, you need to have yourself checked.

It is important, especially for people who were exposed to asbestos such as those working in the construction company. Be mindful of your health. Early detection is the key to treating many types of disease, be it an infection or a more serious type like cancer.

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