Things to know about Erectile Dysfunction

Whenever a male becomes turned on sexually, the blood flow quickly reaches the penis and this triggers an erection. This may sound too evident and given, but in some cases, things may get out of whack. The penis might struggle to harden up and become semi-flexible or gets soft too fast. When this happens many times, one after another, and frequently, this may be a sign of Erectile Dysfunction. There are several kinds of erectile dysfunction, which based on their origin, can be fixed with success.

Various forms of ED

Not all forms of ED are equal to each other. Physicians break these down into different forms:

Primary or frequent impotence. This is the most severe form of impotence as the male can’t even get an erection in the first place. Physiological factors like a blockage and trapped nerves can contribute to this. This is why primary impotence often requires a surgical operation.

Secondary impotence. Males who encounter secondary impotence may have been able to get complete erections formerly, but have experienced ED after a certain point in time.

Occasional (situational) impotence. This occurs when the male is able to get an erection in some cases but not in others e.g they can get an erection when masturbating but not during actual intercourse with their partner.

Partial impotence. In this type of ED, the penis gets rigid and hard but drops right afterward (in a few seconds). It is also used to explain cases when the penis gets semi-hard only.

Full impotence. This implies that the male can’t get an erection by any means-that includes natural morning erections.

ED can occur due to a mental or physical issue/culprit. But the good news is that there are several ways to treat these ED issues.

ED due to vascular problems

Among the leading culprits of ED are issues and blocks within the blood flow of the male organ. To trigger and keep an erection, the penis requires plenty of blood flow. This blood is responsible for gathering spongy cylinders within the penis are incapable of working sufficiently because of blocked arteries which can hinder proper blood flow to the region.

Advice to fix Erectile Dysfunction

For maximum blood flow to the penis area, robust and expandable blood vessels are necessary. A personalized lifestyle regime can help make veins and arteries healthier and may include:

-Giving up smoking and limiting alcohol consumption
-Working out sufficiently
-Following a healthy and nutritious diet

ED is a condition often tackled with drugs. Drugs like cenforce 100 are prescribed to fix the blood circulation problem in the region to enable a full erection. Other methods like penis injections, cock rings, suppositories, and vacuum suckers can also be helpful for tackling this form of Erectile Dysfunction.

ED arising from nervous system problems

An erectile dysfunction may be a sign of other underlying health problems. If something doesn’t go right with the conveyance of sexual stimuli e.g brain or nerve health deterioration due to diabetes, exposure to radiation or even surgeries, erectile dysfunction can last more in duration or even become chronic.

Treatment for this ED form

Drugs may also be given to treat this ED form, based on the seriousness of the nerve injury. In case they fail to work on if you can’t take drugs for any reason, you can try a penis injection or a pump device to boost flow as a second option.

Another method of treatment is using penis implants. A surgeon can add a prosthetic implant inside the penis which can be triggered when necessary. There are various forms of implants available.

ED occurring from psychological problems

ED is in some cases triggered by psychological factors which may include things like anxiety, depression, fear, or guilt. Relationship issues can also add to the occurrence of impotence. In case you still experience potent morning erections, perhaps your impotence problem is only linked to a psychological factor.

Treatment for this ED form

Mental support mechanisms can assist with improving this form of ED, as it is indirectly caused by a mental or psychological issue. Visiting a therapist or a couples expert therapist may help. Your GP may forward you to the right therapist for your case.

ED arising from insufficient Testosterone levels

Optimal ranges of male hormones are vital for enabling erectile health and activity. The well-known male hormone testosterone has a major role to perform here. If Testosterone free levels drop to abnormal amounts, this will also have an impact on the sexual desire and erectile function of the male.

The treatment options for this form of ED

You can elevate your testosterone levels using an over the counter supplement e.g in the form of patches or gel. Considering lifestyle habits is also important–aim to workout more (strength training are ideal for helping boost testosterone production), and follow a healthy diet.

ED as arising from drug side effects

Some forms of drugs may trigger ED in some cases–these can be epilepsy drugs, sedatives/calming drugs or hypertension-fighting drugs.

Correcting ED arising from certain drugs

It’s wise to discuss the matter with your doctor if you suspect your ED is a side effect or the drug/s you take. There might prescribe another less harsh drug to lessen the problem.

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