Top 5 infections curable with antibiotic Azithromycin

The way Azithromycin is found to be effective in treating multiple kinds of infections in the body, calling it a wonder drug will not be an overstatement. This antibiotic is considered the safest with no side-effects by doctors. People of all age groups are advised this drug as first line of treatment and mostly, it has been found to be effective. So, some of the important infections that are cured with this antibiotic are explained below.

a. Throat infections

Strep throat is one of the most annoying situations a person goes through. The irritation in the throat cavity and cough build-up can lead to traumatic bouts of coughing. This situation worsens when any cold substances like aerated drinks or ice creams are consumed. If the viral infection linked to tonsils is not the cause of such infections, mostly it is linked to bacterial infections. A branded drug Zithromax is used widely for curing all these throat infections and to provide immediate relief from symptoms like coughing and stuffy nose and sore throat.

b. Stomach and intestinal infections

This antibiotic is found to be quite useful in inhibiting the growth of wide spectrum of bacteria. The bacterial infection in intestinal region manifest in the form of travelers’ diarrhea that occurs mostly due to consumption of unclean water or change in the water quality. Infect person can exhibit symptoms like loose motion or watery stool, cramps in stomach and pain. This antibiotic of macrolide type checks the growth by inhibiting the protein synthesis process.

c. Skin infections

Skin and surrounding tissues are actually the breeding ground of various kinds of bacteria. But, not all bacteria hurt us. This antibiotic is known to have positive impact if the person is suffering from cat-scratch infection. Some lesions of the skin which are otherwise found to be difficult to treat are also curable with Azithral or any of its variant.

d. STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are mostly the work of virus. But, the role of fungi and bacteria in some cases cannot be avoided too. Apart from penicillin, this antibiotic can also be used for treating STDs such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, C. trachomatis and others. In some cases, especially where the infection is severe, this drug is used intravenously or in combination with other drugs such as ofloxacin. The medicine needs to be taken for 14 days twice a day in case of Chlamydia.

e. Infection of Ear, lung and reproductive organs

Various kinds of infections of ear result in abnormal wax build-up, pain in ears, etc. Some may experience reduced hearing capacity too. Apart from ear drops, doctors put the patient on antibiotics too. Infection of lungs leading to bronchitis and uterine infections do require treatment with mild antibiotics which are safer to use during pregnancy. Syphilis and trichomoniasis are some of the diseases of reproductive organs that can be treated with macrolide antibiotics.

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