What Should I Know Before I Go See An Emergency Dentist?

You never know when an emergency of some kind is going to happen. Hence, why they call it an emergency. You could be at lunch with your friends and take a bite of that nice, juicy hamburger and there’s a piece of bone in it that shouldn’t be there. Cracked tooth… that’s not supposed to happen. Or you could be sitting at work and eating some taffy and you bite down and your crown stays in the taffy. What if you are with your family on vacation and you start to get tooth or mouth pain? Do you go see the dentist where you are at or do you wait until you get home? By the time you’ve decided to wait you have excruciating pain and can’t bear it anymore. This is when you need an emergency dentist. The thing about dentists is that they make appointments months in advance. This makes it difficult when you are in unbearable pain and need to get something done now. There are a few options that you have at this point. You can call your dentist and see if they have an opening that can squeeze you into depending on how severe your problem is, or you can call an emergency dentist that could get you in sooner because that is what they specialize in. There are many options to choose from depending on your pain tolerance and your dental preferences.

Why Would Someone Need An Emergency Dentist?

If you have had any of these situations happen to you, you could face some hard choices about waiting to see your regular dentist or seeing an emergency dentist. If you have a chipped, cracked or loose tooth that’s causing you immense pain, you probably need to see someone relatively soon. Are you bleeding from the mouth? Is your face swollen? These are just some of the symptoms that you need to get checked out by an emergency dentist. If your mouth hurts, you can’t eat, and it’s taking all the energy you have to get through the day, you should probably see an emergency dentist. People generally see an emergency dentist when they have pain that they can’t tolerate anymore. You can also see one because of a crown coming loose, or a filling falling out.

Will Emergency Dentists Extract Teeth?

Yes, emergency dentists will extract teeth. How much this procedure will cost, and the recovery time will depend on the severity of the problem. If it is a simple extraction, it shouldn’t be too expensive and the recovery time should be minimal. If the tooth is really infected and they have to use anesthesia, this will increase the cost of the procedure and the recovery time. They will also extract wisdom teeth that are impacted and not impacted. The nice thing about emergency dentists is that they are able to fix just about any problem that you encounter with your teeth. If you need an emergency root canal, they have done their fair share of those with short notice. Your emergency dentists are like your emergency room doctors. You see your normal dentist when you can, and you see an emergency dentist when it’s after hours or your regular dentist can’t see you for a few days.

What Does Emergency Dental Service Cost?

Prices depend on what you need to be done and what insurance you have. If you have insurance, they cover most procedures. If you don’t, it will cost you more. A simple extraction could cost you between $75-$300. A simple extraction is when there is no anesthesia present and no stitching is required. A more serious extraction could cost between $200-$600 for procedures that require anesthesia. These typically have a length of recovery time. To have a filling for a cavity could cost anywhere between $110-$240. This is depending on what type of filling you get. They have an amalgam filling, which is cheaper, or a resin-based composite filling. It depends on your preference. The dentist will want to schedule a follow-up visit to make sure that everything is fine and that you received the care that you needed. They usually want to see you after a crown is put in or a filling to make sure that the finish is smooth and that you are satisfied with what was done.

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