Why Cannabis is Effective for Treating Nausea

In a recently published paper produced by GW Pharma, a largely respected company that focuses on the development of cannabinoids, found compelling evidence to suggest that cannabis is effective for the treatment of nausea. Here is what they found:

  • The anti-emetic properties of marijuana have been quite well studied in recent years, far more so than other conditions, and the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that cannabis does influence and reduces nausea.
  • Following chemotherapy for the treatment of certain cancers, cannabis was found to reduce feelings of nausea as a result of the side effects of a round of chemotherapy.
  • It was found in the study that inhaled cannabis produces a greater effect that taking cannabis orally. This was based on the responses that 768 patients (across many different studies) gave when asked which ingestion method produced the greater effect.

Interestingly enough, of those who used cannabis to reduce feelings of nausea, around 66{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} of these people reduced or stopped taking other medicines for nausea when they started to use cannabis. These patients also agreed that cannabis had a better therapeutic benefit compared to the conventional anti-nausea medication they were using.

While there have been many pharmaceutical trials into this area, it is unfortunate to report that studies into botanical cannabis for the treatment of nausea have not been completed. From the research, it was found that there have only been 3 trials.

Dr. Donald Abrams, who is renowned by many to be one of the leading cannabis researchers in the field said that. “I have clinical experience as an oncologist in the San Francisco area of over 35 years and it is my opinion that cannabis is an effective anti-nausea treatment solution, even when other medications fail to produce an effect. Because cannabis has more than just an anti-nausea effect, I can reduce the number of other medications that I have to prescribe to a patient, which will in turn produce less side effects. Instead of using steroids, I can prescribe cannabis to increase the appetite of the patient, which is far safer.

If you would like advice on what strain of cannabis to use to reduce feelings of nausea, why not ask your local dispensary who can offer tailored and personalized advice to your own specific needs? You can search for your local dispensary using the dispensaries near me tool on Cannabis.net.

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