Important Things You Should Know About Lasik Surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery is popularized as a permanent solution for vision correction using laser-a centric surgery. This surgery is the refractive eye surgery treatment useful for correcting vision issues such as astigmatism, far- and near-sightedness. Here are a few important facts you should know about Lasik Surgery.

What Lasik Surgery is

Lasik Surgery is the refractive surgery conceived for treating the issues related with eyes’ vision and aligning abilities.

How it works

In Lasik Eye Surgery, the surgery is done to reshape the cornea. It is said that the cornea that is too indented may cause nearsightedness and if it is too flat, it can cause difficulty in seeing the things present in closer proximity.

How cornea is reshaped in Lasik surgery

In this process, the surgeon first develops a tissue forming protective layer covering the outer part of cornea. Then, the laser is used to disintegrate the microscopic cells lying beneath this sheath. Once the cells are removed, the sheath created is put back to the place and acts as bandage under which the eye is put to heal. The end result is improved vision.

People who are eligible for Lasik eye surgery

All people may not benefit from this eye surgery. To derive the best benefits from this surgery, a person should meet certain conditions:

  • Should have attained age of 18, and in some cases 21.
  • Prescription should not be too high
  • Pupils should not be too large
  • Vision has been stable for a year
  • Eye is free from any kind of issue such as Glaucoma, Dry eyes, etc

 Where to get Lasik Surgery Done from

You should get Lasik surgery done only by qualified doctors who are well-versed with the procedure. Michigan Eye Surgery specialists can guide you correctly on when to get the procedure done and when to avoid it.

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