The Help Given with the Ketamine Infusion Therapy at the Klarisana Clinic

Klarisana has established the use of ketamine infusion therapy in treating mental health, chronic pain as well as depression and anxiety counselling since 2015. It was opened by Dr. Carl J. Bonnett. He has dissatisfaction with the disturbing rate of suicide, particularly among United State military veterans. It was during this time that he also shows chronic pain and depression was not being controlled poorly- so he created Klarisana.

Emergency physician

As a physician in the emergency room, Dr. Bonnett had experience with ketamine in emergency medicine as well as in forward-deployed in military environments. The idea that ketamine can treat depression, PTSD and other mental health problems; represented a radical but exhilarating paradigm shift in the traditional use of ketamine. It is in this background, that Klarisana was opened in a small one-room office on the north side of San Antonio. They can look back and see with a smile knowing that this 12 x 20-foot office was possibly the “smallest ketamine clinic in the world.”

Same time

Currently, there were only a few of ketamine centers in the United States. They had patients who were flying into San Antonio from all around the country to find treatment. They continued to the flawless change of administering outpatient ketamine and were overwhelmed by the positive changes that ketamine carried to these patients. Today their San Antonio campus operates out of a much larger facility that offering a safe and tranquil environment. In addition, they also have opened their second campus in Austin, Texas.

Leads the way

Klarisana endures leading the way as the first center in Texas to grip the notion of ketamine simplified psychotherapy.


Klarisana exists to serve every person regardless of their background or any other discriminating factor. The primary spark that gave rise to the opening of Klarisana was the alarming suicide rate of veterans. They saw the crisis with Veteran suicide as a “loose ball on the field” that someone needed to handle this problem. That “someone” was Klarisana. The very first article displays that ketamine could play a very role.

In the treatment of combat, PTSD was printed in 2008 but little had been done with further research on this promising therapy for PTSD.

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