Never suffer from Itchy Scalp Treatment in Singapore

When you are dealing with hair problems, it is important to get to the root of the problem; with a solid base comes naturally healthy hair. Most of us know that for plants that grow healthily, the soil is a fertile land. To grow healthy hair, the key is a clean and healthy scalp.

This may seem surprising, but hair growth is actually very similar to horticulture.

  • Soil fertility plays an essential role in plant growth; the plants/ flowers growth is healthy when the soil is fertile.
  • Our scalp works the same way; the health of the scalp affects hair growth. With the healthy scalp, a head full of hair is a dream that becomes reality. If the scalp is not healthy, the hair becomes weak and falls off easily.

To support healthy hair growth, another essential element is protein. For years, many scientists in the US has been researching and testing the secret of human hair growth. A surprising result has been found that each human hair strand contains a high proportion of protein; it forms about 91{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} of the structure of our hair and the lack of protein in the hair follicles can cause various hair problems. To avoid these problems, consult the professional itchy scalp treatment in Singapore.

Male pattern baldness

Around 95 percentage of male hair loss occurs due to Male pattern baldness. Those who face this type of hair loss have hair follicles that are susceptible to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The affected hair follicles get shrunk, reducing the life of each hair follicle and thus affecting the quality of new and emerging hair.

While a hairline with a high forehead may have existed in the early stages of male pattern baldness, hair loss over more time becomes increasingly evident. In the worst case, there is only one band of hair on the smooth and shiny bald head. While finding a cure is not essential for those who do not care about appearance, male pattern baldness can have an impact on social life and work for many. When researching in advance, itchy scalp treatment can help alleviate the condition of hair loss that the male population faces and reduce the chances of total baldness.

Hair loss related to dandruff

At least 30{690aabf473ee9cb8b4fc656c49d18b478e1090738caf1b9c11215dfe446bbf22} of people suffering from hair loss are faced with the problem of dandruff. Although dandruff and hair loss do not have the same cause, most people with dandruff also experience some degree of hair loss.

Dandruff is a very common type of problems faced by many in which the dead scalp cells fall off and appear as white flakes. Unfortunately, these scales can cause itching of the superficial skin layer. To relieve itching, some follow the habit of scratching and it is this forceful action of hard scratching on the scalp that contributes to the problem, eventually causing hair loss.

Dandruff normally only occurs in some areas of the scalp, but when bacteria settle, the entire scalp can develop dandruff, which makes the problem worse. Seeking professional itchy scalp treatment before time to take care of dandruff issue can help avoid future hair loss.

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