Places for Physicians and Health Professionals to Go for Discussions

When most doctors think of continuing medical education, they think of conferences, journal articles, and question banks. But social media is very quickly gaining a new foothold in this space and not only to network or advertise their practices.

Networking and peer discussion

Physicians have a wide assortment of options open to them for professional use of social media – from general sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to sites that are physician-oriented sites that provide forums to discuss issues and trends, as well as offer tools for networking connecting to leaders or expert researchers.

Here are some of the most popular social sites for physicians and health professionals:

  • Doximity – This is the largest network of physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • SERMO – Social network only for physicians. Help peers by sharing and solving challenging cases.
  • Medscape Discussion – This is a physician only community that offers a private forum where members ask questions, share opinions, and gain insights on topics relevant to practicing physicians.
  • Medstro – Social site for clinicians. It is the host if NEJM Group – Open Forum, a collaborating forum of experts, authors, and physicians that hosts debates about the workings of modern medicine, research of cutting-edge and career development.
  • MomMD – Career site and association for women in medicine. It offers professional and personal resources for female physicians, medical students, and pre-med students.
  • QuantiaMD – web and mobile community for physicians. Members get ahead of trends and research by learning from experts and each other through concise, interactive presentation and discussions.

Continuing Medical Education

The aids of using social media as a physician far extend simply networking and meeting peers online. Medical professionals who are active on social sites report they learn serious medical information from these sites – and can engage right with both peers and experts to further their learning and understand how the new information is going to affect their clinical practice.

There are many sites for those students who are furthering their education. One for you to visit is MedScoop at

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