Quit Smoking

“Smoking is dangerous to health” is quite a saying but people all over the world are smoking even knowing the truth. Smoking causes lungs problem in people. But people never give up smoking knowing the fact that it has lots more dangerous to human health. Some people start smoking from their early childhood, some start in their high school days, and some adopt from their colleagues and friend circles. Nowadays, smoking is a fashion to show other people that how cool they are. It is becoming a trend for most of the people. Unfortunately, every year thousands of people die because of tobacco-related illness. Knowing the best ways to quit smoking can help prevent the dangers of nicotine in one’s health.

Dangers of smoking

Smoking causes cancer and heart diseases. It is said that a smoking human body can shorten life by ten years. Smoking is a strong habit where tobacco contains nicotine as it is highly addictive. And it becomes very hard to quit smoke. The habituated people can smoke about 50 to 60 cigarettes per day, which is very very dangerous to their health. It could definitely cause heart problems and lungs cancer. And rest of the life of smokers will be panic with severe illness. Smoking causes several effects; Some of them are,

Teenagers see other people smoking around so they willingly smoke for their very first time and day after day they get habituated about smoking. They also think that smoking around others make them look cool and fashionable. When one gets addicted, they find no worries. When some stress and tensions hit them they immediately smoke to make themselves feel relief. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is an addictive and harmful substance. Smoking leads to heart diseases, strokes, asthma and other most dangerous diseases. Smokers are more disturbed by a cough and colds compared to non-smokers. The other main cause of smoking is when a pregnant woman smokes it has a risk of having an abnormal baby.

Harmful Contents

Cigarette contains many harmful substances such as acetic acid, arsenic, carbon monoxide and many more. When you are addicted to nicotine, you may experience symptoms of nicotine. You cannot quit smoking certainly as it is already a habit, you feel the craving of-of nicotine. But there are some ways you can slowly quit smoking. First, make a habit of forgetting smoking, try to get involved in social activities, try to stay busy in works, maintain healthy behaviors, socialize. You can put substitutes like gums, nasal sprays patches etc to avoid the addiction to smoke. Or you can continue with nicotine-free e-cigarettes to keep the addiction alive and finally slowing down.

The national cancer institute (NCI) is providing help to get rid of and stop smoking to the smokers through many social support activities. You also can join non-nicotine medications in order to control smoking addiction. There are two non-nicotine-containing drugs to help smokers quit smoking the nicotine. And they are bupropion and varenicline which helps a lot to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms of the smokers. You can slowly quit smoking by reducing and minimizing smoking day by day. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then make a habit of reducing its number and placing your brain busy with either work or fun activities. You can build your habit of daily medication and balanced diets. You try to stay away from the things which make you feel stress and high blood pressure. Keep the habit of daily exercise and healthy family environment. Then you can slowly but definitely reduce the habit of smoking. And you can live a healthy, ill free and happy life.

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