Tips To Preventing Varicose Veins

What are varicose veins?

Put simply, when the blood from your heart gets pumped around the body through arteries, it travels back through the veins, sometimes pools of blood can develop, mostly along the legs and ankles where the blood flow is at its weakest, hence showing visible evidence of the condition on the skin. This condition is the process of where the walls in your veins weaken and therefore distribute blood inefficiently.

If the condition goes untreated, health problems can develop such as pain itchiness and fatigue. Most of the time, it is a benign condition and therefore doesn’t require urgent medical assistance. Like any condition, there are many preventative tips to help reduce the effects and chances of development. Treatments for varicose vein significantly vary and can have extremely positive overall health benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of these in detail

1. Healthy diet

Foods that are highly processed with high sugar counts can extremely increase the risk of developing the disease; high alcohol intake also increases the risk. The denominating factor of these is it promotes high blood pressure and weight gains, 2 of the biggest risks for developing the condition. Anti-inflammatory diets can help reduce chances of developing and also can help minimise the appearance of the condition once you have it. Vitamin C and E foods such as green veggies and fruits help promote artery strength and flow around the body and immensely reduce blood pressure. High fibre diets can also help in the reduction of blood pressure, foods such as fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables are example of foods with high fibre and will help minimise the chances of developing the condition.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is the catalyst for reducing the risk of many diseases and conditions. Health professionals can’t stop to go on about the benefits of regularly partaking in exercise, whether it’s on a daily or weekly basis. Promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation is imperative to treatment for varicose veins, as previously mentioned, one of the big contributors is high blood pressure and lack of blood flow. Exercise significantly enhances these and ensures that your heart is pumping blood around the body and back through the arteries effectively.

It is important to take the exercise slowly, don’t rush into it because your body is not used to it, especially if you are obese. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise, ensuring you are working your heart rate enough to enhance blood flow around the body. If you are feeling pains when exercising, take it slowly and apply heat and ice packs to the sore muscles.

3. Elevating your legs

Probably one of the more underrated tips for the condition, after a long day of work with minimal movement, it is very important to let gravity do its work. Sitting down at work for long periods with little or no movement is a big contributor to the condition; this is because it is much harder for the heart to pump blood that is working against gravity. Therefore when you lay down, the blood flow can rush back towards the heart, promoting blood flow and reducing overall blood pressure. A great way to do this is by putting your leg above your heart; often on a pillow lying down to ensure you have no unnecessary build ups of blood in your leg. You will fill immediate relief; it takes away all that pressure built up in the day by allowing it to be pumped out to the rest of your body.

4. Compression stockings

Compression stockings help tighten up the skin on your legs to externally support the veins and promote blood flow by pushing it up to your heart more freely. The accessibility of this treatment is universal because it is extremely budget friendly and can tailor to any leg, big or small. Compression stockings are essentially a treatment that people get following the diagnosis of the condition, there are countless sources and literature that support the use and are often the first line of defense.

Rarely does the condition require urgent medical attention, the majority of the time; it can be subdued through various treatments for varicose veins. Placing importance on the fundamentals, such as constant exercising and a healthy diet are examples of excellent remedies that will significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease. Pressure stockings can help the symptoms progress throughout the legs; however, prevention is much more important than treatment.

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