Understanding the Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the most challenging diseases in the front of people. These types of diseases get transmitted from person to person due to the sexual modes. One of the most common tools to get rid of these diseases is general awareness. Several campaigns are initiated by the government or NGOs so as to make the people aware of the diseases. Even after these, a huge number of people are being diagnosed with the sexually transmitted diseases. Some people feel ashamed after getting the sexually transmitted diseases and do not want to go to the doctor for treatment. First, beware of the sexually transmitted diseases but if someone is grabbed by these diseases, then do not wait for a second to visit to the doctor because there are several STDs which if caught at the mild level, can be treated and if the patient has not come to the doctor on time, it would be very difficult to treat them. So go to the doctor and get it diagnosed if the symptoms are there in the body. Some of the major sexually transmitted diseases are mentioned below-


One of the most common diseases who is grabbing the people is gonorrhea. It is also known as clap as the meaning of the clap is sexual sore. Gonorrhea is basically a bacterial infection. Some people have a misconception in their mind that the disease occurs due to sharing towels or bathrooms but it is not so. This disease can be transmitted from person to person via vaginal, anal or oral sexual intimation. If not, this is only present in the patients by birth as they get it from their mother.


It is the other most common disease from which people are suffering. Another name of the syphilis is Syph and bad blood. This disease is caused by the bacteria known as spirochetes. These are the bacteria which are present in the wounds of infected people. This can get entry into the other person while having sexual intercourse. After getting into the body, they incubate and then the syphilis changes from mild to moderate to severe depending on the symptoms.

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