Using Cannabis To Help With Depression

There is a lot of information of how people suffering from various physical conditions, from glaucoma to cancer to AIDS have been helped by cannabis. Reports related to using cannabis to cure mental disorders like depression, however, are less popular. The good news is that, as the stigma associated with the use of cannabis is reducing, a lot of people are voicing on how their mental problems have been helped by using cannabis. Scientists and physicians are also starting to emerge in support of cannabis and its capability to deal with mental issues, says David Mckay, a psychiatrist at

What is Depression?    

It is a complicated mood ailment that usually leaves affected individuals helpless to sleep, work, have fun or eat because of their lack of ability to feel pleasure or joy.

Depression exists in several types:

  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): this is where seasonal changes trigger depression
  • Bipolar Manic depression or bipolar disorder: depression with swift mood changes are experienced, usually followed by insomnia, impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and quick speech
  • Dysthymia: mild depression with stable periods last for a minimum of 2 years
  • Major depression: continuous lack of ability to enjoy life for 6 months or more

W.H.O estimates 350 million people spanning various ages are affected by depression worldwide, which makes it the major reason behind disability globally.

Factors that cause depression:

  • Substance abuse
  • Genetics
  • Loss-like the passing away of a family member
  • Serious disease
  • Conflict-with loved ones or friends
  • Stress-the major cause of depression is chronic stress
  • Major life events or transitions
  • Abuse- emotional, physical or sexual
  • Isolation

Symptoms of depression

Weariness and despair are well-known symptoms, together with shame, low self-esteem, or guilt. An affected person can feel exhausted and struggling to concentrate or repress negative thoughts, resulting in bad tempers. A person can find it hard to remember things or make decisions. Sleeping problems, weight fluctuate significantly along with irresponsible behavior are also the result of depression. Unimportant chores might become excruciatingly time-consuming and agonizingly tiring. Suicidal thoughts and actions are also associated with depression.

How depression is helped by cannabis

  • Cannabis is a quick-working substitute for antidepressants, which stimulates the endocannabinoid system and accelerates the growth of nervous tissue with virtually no problematic side effects. Cannabis gives affected individuals mental composure and fights stress by improving mood, fighting insomnia, easing anxiety, offering focus and energy, and inducing hunger.
  • 2006 research discovered that daily or occasional use of cannabis reduced levels of symptoms associated with depression compared to non-users. Scientists at McGill University, in Montreal, found that THC in small doses can work as an antidepressant and releases serotonin; however, they also discovered that excessive doses of THC might aggravate the symptoms of depression. The cannabinoids CBD and THC are recognized to exert antipsychotic, sedative, and antidepressant effects on users.

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