What are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

Sports massages offer physiological and psychological relief from the pain, tension and musculoskeletal limitations that negatively impact performance. It is commonly sought by athletes who sustain soft tissue and joint injuries but also serves as an excellent preventative technique against sudden trauma and overuse.  For sports professionals and regular training, learn how this unique therapy can enhance your physical condition.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage involves manual therapy or a hands-on approach to healthier function. It is sought by athletes and involves the application of firm pressure and strokes to the soft tissues and joints. The manipulation is developed to alleviate sports-related injuries and prepare the body for action. Improved circulation and release from tension are the primary goals of this application. It helps facilitate healing and the transport of higher levels of oxygen to prepare the muscles and body for action. These massages differ significantly from the mild, relaxing deep tissue and Swedish therapies you receive at a spa.

What are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

A sports massage provides athletes with relief from the pain and tension associated with injuries. Rigorous training and high physical demand during competitive events, increase the risk of sustaining moderate to severe tissue trauma. Without the proper clinical care, the damaged muscles and ligaments can stiffen and form debilitating scar tissue. Once the scar tissue presents, it could impede future performance capabilities. A sports massage therapist manages injuries by applying deep and gentle applications along the affected tissues by hand. The procedure delivers copious amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues and cells owing to improvements in circulation. Clients are protected against the formation of painful and limiting scar tissue. The approach encourages faster healing, assisting athletes in returning to scheduled exercise and events, faster.

When muscle damage is sustained, it caused minor internal bleeding leaving the tissues bruised, swollen, inflamed and painful. The proper application aims to alleviate the stiff and sore sensations that present shortly after training.

An inability to find relief from discomfort and perform at optimum musculoskeletal levels is not only physically limiting but affects motivation. The deep and intensive massages delivered by a qualified sports therapist can alleviate the experience of pain, but further support psychological well-being. The constant experience of aching, cramping and tense soft tissues can affect emotional balance and increase depression. Research has shown the chronic pain and limitations in athletes can negatively affect emotional health. A reduction in pain and a natural ability to train to your fullest potential improves inner motivation and mental balance.

Prescription medication including anti-inflammatories for pain relief is temporary. These medications include a multitude of adverse effects on physiological health. It will not promote healing and could hinder tissue recovery. The scheduled application of sports massages can relieve the experience of discomfort but also supports an efficient recovery.

To experience the full range of benefits sports massages, offer; a professional, certified and experienced sports massage therapist must be consulted. An evaluation of symptoms and an individualized treatment plan will help you on your way to recovery. It includes preventative care, preparing the body for action while relieving soreness and tension.

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