What is hypnosis and how it is done to accelerate your mind?

The myths in hypnosis come from several centuries ago, either by misinterpretation or by unfounded beliefs, and that can condition you not to grasp clearly the fundamental concepts of the practice of hypnosis. With this article, you will know the most common myths of hypnosis that usually affect the understanding and acceptance of this technique as a therapeutic tool.

Before starting online terapi it is necessary for the patient to understand that he himself will have control of what happens without losing consciousness. This formula aims to know yourself better, motivate yourself and have more energy in order to get involved in the treatment you are immersed in. The user is taught a series of exercises that will allow them to get out of it when they need it.

Relief, motivation and health savings

This resource can contribute to a whole range of benefits to alleviate the usual discomforts arising from various diseases – reduce pain, alleviate hunger, tolerate unpleasant substances, make time pass more quickly, give tranquility, firmness, security, indifference or favor emotional or physical alternations, such as those who experience a lot of cold due to problems of peripheral circulation, feel more heat.

The efficacy in the clinical field lies in acting as a coadjutant in the field of pain, oncology, irritable bowel, surgery or gambling addiction. Only for some cases of pain and in some people, a single session in Hypnos Stockholm can work very well. It must be part of a treatment to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.

The hypnotized subject is highly suggestible and can do everything that the hypnotist orders

Suggestion is a part of the hypnotic process, which is reached after the induction phase, and this phase can be accessed in very different ways – by an object that is attributed a hypnotic power like a clock, by a suggestive mimicry or by a simple stroke of effect like a slap followed by the word “dream” that causes the hypnotizable individual to interrupt the pattern and make him enter a trance state.

The suggestion does not even require the presence of the suggestion as it happens in cases of autosuggestion, or in hypnotization at a distance by means of a recording or by means of the telephone. It is the phase of suggestion where the hypnotized person is given a series of “suggestions” as his name indicates so that he does, feels or perceives what the hypnotist tells him.

Are there any other alternatives?

You cannot get a person to fly or nullify the law of gravity, nor can you lift a weight for someone who is physically not ready to bear. Most often, suggestions influence aspects that we are not able to influence consciously, such as digestion, respiration, body temperature and also over the mind, enhancing psychic factors such as imagination, sensory perception or increasing the memory.It is true that you can get with suggestions that a person sees where there is or stop seeing where there is, what you call positive or negative hallucinations.

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